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Yawmul Arafat


Yawmul Arafat is the ninth of Dhul Hijjah.


  • After sunrise, the pilgrim leaves for Mount Arafat. 

  • Pilgrims perform Wuqoof (standing) at Arafat.

  • While on Arafat, Muslims should remembering Allah by making thikr, asking forgiveness and other duaas.

  • The pilgrim leaves Arafat for Muzdalifah at sunset.


(Source: Hajj and Tawheed, Dr. Saleh As-saleh, 1998)



More Information about Mount Arafat:


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Hajj culminates at Mt. Arafat

Mount Arafat

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Fasting on Yawmul Arafat

Those not making the hajj may fast on Yawmul Arafat

TJ Hajj Related Activity Ideas:

  • Help plan/make suhoor and iftar for Dhul Hijjah 9 fasting.

  • Make a grocery list of what will be needed. Help with the shopping.

  • Memorize the Duaa for breaking the fast.




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Brief overview of the rituals of Yawmul Arafat/Mount Arafat

Fasting on Yawmul Arafat

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