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TJ Hajj - Activities and Resources for Learning about the Hajj


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Hajj Related Links

for learning about the Hajj



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Activities Specifically for Kids

Lots of worksheets, puzzles, and games for kids!

Hajj related activities for across the curriculum


Kabah Jigsaw Puzzle


A History of Hajj (here at TJ)


How to perform the rituals of Hajj and Umrah by Shaikh

Muhammad as-Salih al-Uthaimeen


Superior Days for Righteous Deeds

Virtues of the First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah (here at TJ)


General Information Resources

Al-Rahmah Mountain (Mount Arafat) - Ministry of Hajj

"A comprehensive account of all aspects of the Hajj and



Al Hajj: The Hajj and Umrah Comprehensive Information

and Portal OR Al Hajj (TM)-The Hajj & Umrah Comprehensive Information Portal


Background on the Hajj

Quick overview, pictures, maps



Hajj Information Center

information, pictures, day by day schedule


Hajj Information on the Net. Maps, manuals, pictures, etc.


Hajj: the journey of a lifetime by Ni'mah Isma'il Nawwab,

Aramco World, July-August 1992 (


Stages of the Hajj

Maps/Steps of Hajj Visuals

Nice flash presentation of the steps of hajj.


Hajj Flow Chart


The Hajj at a glance. Excellent color flowchart of the rituals of



Hajj- step by step guide

The rituals, "artistically designed and presented"


Maps and Plans of areas around the Ka'bah, Arafat and



Hajj Maps "Useful maps of the various historical landmarks in the sacred city of Meccah"


Maps maps and plans of areas around the holy Kabb'ah, Arafat and Mina


Multimedia Presentations

The 3D Kabah Website. Pictures, panoramas, videos,

downloadable model.


Photos/Photo Galleries

Allstate Travel and Tours Photo Gallery

Hajj- the journey of a Lifetime at Islamic City - an overview of

Hajj with lots of pictures.


Hajj Photos

In pictures: Hajj preparations - BBC New

Mount Arafat

The Hajj in Pictures gallery of photographs showing various sites, rites and stages of Hajj



Allstate Travel and Tours

Many videos showing the rituals of the Hajj:

Hajj is a pillar of Islam

Services of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Explaining the three types of Hajj

Spatial Miqats

Garments of Ihram

Acts forbidden during Ihram

Entering the Sacred Mosque



Shaving of cutting hair short

Making Ihram for Hajj on the Day of Tarwiayh and leaving Mina

Standing in the Plain of Arafah

Mistakes done while standing at Arafah

Spending the night in Muzdalifah

Heading for Mina to throw Jamrat Al-`Aqabah on the Day of Slaughtering

The Day of Slaughtering and the prayer of Eid Al-Adha

Mistakes done while throwing pebbles

The Ifadah Tawaf and Sai

Spending the night at Mina on the Tashriq Days

The Farewell Tawaf




Hajj culminates at Mt. Arafat (2002 Video)


Virtual tour of Hajj sites



Hajj Glossary


Glossary of Hajj related terms multimedia dictionary


Information for Teachers (on Hajj and Eid) notes for teachers

prepared by the Council on Islamic Education.




TJ Hajj Learning Activity Topics

Virtues of the First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah
A History of the Hajj
Pillars and Wajibaat of Hajj
Preparing for Hajj
Dhul Hijjah 8 - The Day of Talbiyyah
Dhul Hijjah 9 - Yawmul Arafat
The Prophet's Farewell Sermon
Dhul Hijjah 10 - Eid ul Adha
Dhul Hijjah 11 & 12
Hajj Narratives


Other Links:

Contact Numbers in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Embassy visa guidelines - for US residents



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Saturday January 20, 2007


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• First Ten Days •
• A History of the Hajj •
• Preparing for Hajj •
• Dhul Hijjah 8 •
• Dhul Hijjah 9 •
• Farewell Sermon •
• Dhul Hijjah 10 •
• Dhul Hijjah 11 & 12 •
• Hajj Narratives •



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